The Center is directed by a full-time School Sister of Notre Dame and staffed by two part-time program directors, assisted by a cadre of about 80 volunteer tutors. Volunteers are always needed.

Be a tutor!

Tutoring can be rewarding and fun!

The Center’s most important need is for tutors, who act as mentors and provide the academic help our students need. Tutors come from all walks of life. Most are not trained educators. Some are business women and men, retirees, high school and college students, and yes, some are teachers. Training is provided by the NDLC staff. 

We are currently looking for volunteer tutors to work with students at both our Parkway and Bishop Kearney High School locations. If you can give us an hour a week, please email us or call (585) 254-5110!

“A little bit of help now to show the children that they actually can do the work seems to give them confidence and they seem to really enjoy it.”

  • Jo E.

For more information, please contact:
Reading & Language Arts | Deborah Jesmin
Math | Sister Mary Smith

Other Volunteer Opportunities

You can share your professional expertise by becoming a member of our Board or chairing a Committee, or by assisting with grant writing.

If your time is limited, we can always use help with fund-raising, special events for students, mailings, and other functions